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Shinto Momument


Typically, engaging in the Japanese market requires high cost and investment. That exceeds mostly the resources particularly of small & medium size enterprises,  especially in view of the time needed to realize first results and the risk to fail.

Therefore we developed a hands-on concept  

♦ with minimum cost and investment
♦ without direct investment in a local organization​

MTeX K.K. represents you and your products in Japan, focusing in the beginning all activities on such products, that promise a high market potential. The aim is "Sales First" - realize early sales results, that the further market development can be built on.
A direct engagement in Japan and the build-up remains as an option - depending on results and the needs to develope an own, independent organisation. We balance your products with our existing products to avoid competition. Extensive and costly market surveys are not needed, in that justification of investment and minimizing its risk are not required. Market research is limited to visits to trade shows and exhibitions, typically without the need of your staff coming to Japan for this purpose. 

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