Scouting & Trade Fairs

If you are interested in trade shows in Japan and Taiwan ...   

... in order to get an overview of the latest trends and developments in your field of business or to make new contacts to potential business partners.
... but find is difficult to judge from far away the significance of a specific trade show and to decide if the cost and time needed are justified. 
... and your previous visits to trade shows where inefficient because of language and communication barriers  and lack of "internationality" at the trade shows.

We are offering for trade shows & exhibitions...

... our scouting service. Our bilingual staff attends the event on your behalf, without your employees coming to Japan,  saving travel cost and time. Before the event, we will define your specific interests in the event, and as necessary, arrange for appointments with relevant exhibitors. All Information, contacts made or business cards collected during the event are supplied to you exclusively and completely. 
... to accompany you and your staff to trade shows and - as needed - to make arrangements with exhibitors before the event for you.  
... to support the follow up of the event and to attend new contacts made during the show.

Make use of these services ...

... to save cost and time needed for your own visit to Japan.
... to have a more  efficient and rewarding visit to Japan.

Please see also our schedule of events, where we will be on site!

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