Our Concept

There are rather high obstacles to becoming active in the Japanese market: distance, business habits, culture, language. 

Typically, a direct involvement in the Japanese market such as an own organization is required to penetrate the Japanese market, causing substantial direct investment. This investment contrasts with rather insecure chances for success and rather high risk. Especially in the present difficult market environment and investment climate, small and mid-size companies have great difficulty to justify such investment. 

MTeX K.K. represents you on site in Japan and takes over marketing and sales activities for selected products in Japan and serves as Madoguchi (窓口 - window) for potential customers. Under the headline "Sales First" - primary target are quick wins in sales. These sales results shall serve as the basis to build up a core customer base. Mid-term this customer base shall help to make decision  - depending on customer requirements - about the build up of an own organization. Of course, MTeX K.K. is there to support this process. 

This approach does without your direct engagement and investment in Japan at the start.At the heart of this concept is the idea to avoid high initial investment and related risks and to allow small and mid-sized foreign companies with limited budgets to approach the Japanese market  "ippo ippo" (一歩一歩  - step-by-step). 

Steps from Concept to Implementation

Phase 1: Preparation
  • Consulting & support for pricing, product choice, features etc.
  • Matching with MTeX portfolio
  • Market Survey
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trade Fair Screening
  • Localisation of marketing tools & technical information
  • Arrangement of contacts to potential customers
Phase 2: Implementation
  • Handling of Orders
    • Option A: Handling and sales via MTeX K.K. similar to a dealership (end user sales)
    • Option B: Support of handling by MTeX K.K., sales direct between supplier and customer (OEM customers etc)
  • Accompanying Sales and/or service personnel during visit to Japanese customers for installations, negotiations etc
  • Representation at trade shows, exhibitions
Phase 3: Evaluation
  • Business Planning - Reporting
  • Product Review
  • Support to set up own organization (depending on requirements)
  • Reorganisation (of existing organizations)
  • Registration of company
  • Interim-Management (e.g. appointment as "local" director)

"Agile Sales"

Fast moving markets and customer wants often make it a difficult task to balance between focus and flexibility. Flexible reaction to customer requests without losing focus is becoming increasingly a challenge for many organizations. The cooperation between separate and often distant entities of an organization as well as the growing number of contracted specialists requires to rethink ways of cooperation and communication. The question is how to keep everyone on "the same page". 
From the same experience, MTeX transformed the approach of "Agile Programming" from software deveolpment and formalized it to be transferred it to Marketing & Sales processes. 
We experienced that the resulting "Agile Sales" approach fits well to the implementation of the "Sales First" idea. "Agile Sales" centers around the value for the customer and the own organization while allowing for a highly dynamic Marketing & Sales process. It allows a highlz flexible reaction and proactive approach to the customer -  without losing focus. In that "Agile Sales" produces continuous sales successes, the quality for forecasting and resource planning is improved substantially.After having successfully implemented "Agile Sales" in several projects, we believe to have developed a highly interesting concept, that we would like to offer our customers to try out in their own organizations or in a common project with MTeX.  
We ask for your patience, until we can provide more detailed information on "Agile Sales" on this site, but please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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