Sales Representation

Contact Point for your Customers in Japan

MTeX would be glad to offer your technologies and products on the Japanese market and represent you in Japan. We are using different channels and an existing network of dealers and representatives.
Without the need of detailed and cost intensive market studies, we evaluate together with you products of high potential, based on our experience of 15 years in the field.
The aim is

"Sales First"

the idea to make successful sales the base for further engagement in market development. This offer is above all addressed to European small and medium size enterprises. Find more on our concept here.

If you...

... are manufacturing machinery, components or parts and consumables, particularly for printing and related industries.
... see market potential in Japan for your products.
... view the risk too high, to justify high initial investment of own activities in Japan. 
... possibly have already some own activities in Japa, but you want to reduce cost due to the actual business environment or have to retreat  from the Japanese market, but fear to loose reputation with your Japanese customers.

... speak to us!

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