"Translating into Efficiency"

Evaluation of Japanese Patent Documents

"Evaluated Summaries" of Japanese Patents  is a unique service that allows you to reduce the necessity of detail translations for much of state-of-the-art patent documents, results from patent screening or when evaluating patent portfolios in due dilligence procedures. Often, the volume and amount of potentially relevant documents is too large to allow for a detailed translation of all. MTeX offers to evaluate the documents and confirm the relevance based on the bibliographical information, the main claims and the description without detailed translation. 
The results of this is are summaries for each of these documents, according to relevance high, medium and low. Only the resulting limited number of documents need to be translated in detail.
  • Evaluated Summaries | → presentation
  • Translation in Detail
  • Support for screening of Japanese patent publications
  • Trend-Reports  as our Patent Digest for printing technologies based on patent applications in printing technology (IPC B41F & B41M)
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Industries & Technologies

We are focusing on the following industries:
  • Printing & Paper Processing
  • Printing Technology
    - conventional
    - Electronic Printing
    - ink & varnish
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Printed Electronics (Printed EL)
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Ultra-violet technology and irradiation surface treatment
  • EnvironmentalSustainable Energy
  • Foil Coating (Roll-to-Roll)
  • Applications by specified applicants (case by case)
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