Access to Japan 

Our services are intended to support particularly small and medium-size enterprises in a first access to the Japanese market with selected products and in reducing the cost and effort of obtaining information on the Japanese market, competitors' activities in Japan, their patent applications and R&D activities. At the same time, we help to increase the quality of the information obtained.
 Our portfolio consists of four areas:

Patent Screening

Survey of patent applications, focussing on print technologies & printed electronics,  and determining relevance to narrow down documents for  translation to an minimum. - "Translating into Efficiency"



Localization of Brochures, Handbooks, Manuals, Web Sites etc. (MLS), Translation incl. adaptation of content & design, production of digital versions for Japanese output devices etc.



"Sales First" - Representing your company and/or your products as a first step into the Japanese market without the need to have an own organization, limiting cost and effort.


Scouting & Trade Fair

Scouting at trade shows for information according to your specified requirements, representation of your company at trade shows without the need for your own visit to Japan.


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