We are concentrating on technologically unique products, in particularly such products that contribute to energy efficiency, a topic, that has come in Japan to the center of attention as well as a center of political and legislative debate. All our products center around the following applications:
  • Printing and Paper Processing
  • Printed Electronics (Printed EL)
  • Foil Coating (Roll-to-Roll)
  • Industrial UV applications
  • Bonding Solutions (UV & non-UV)
  • Related Spareparts and Consumables

UV Curing

We consult on UV curing technology - to realize a new dimension in energy efficiency  of UV treatment for all industries. We provide the "best fit" lamp for your application.


Consumables & Spare Parts

All spare parts for our core products and general printing, UV bulbs, environmentally friendly cleaning agents for anilox rollers, non-VOC cleaners for ink rollers.


Environmental & Recycling

Filter- and waste liquid treatment, such as the "Friendly"-series of vacuum condensing units from cosmotech for washing liquids in printing, inks & varnish recycling, cutting oils in metal processing and many other industrial applications.


Temperature Control

  High   p e r f o r m a n c e -  c o m p a c t   cooling and temperizing technology.


High Precision Printing

Highest precision printing equipment for R&D and small batch pro- duction from Switzerland. A new dimension in  mechanical engineering!!!


Adhesives / Bonding

Adhesives offering an unprecedented combination of bonding strength & flexibility...


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