High Precision Printing Presses

Extreme Precision in Printing

The Norbert Schläfli Machinery Company, Switzerland, specialises in the development, design, manufacture and worldwide sales of special machinery for the printing industry. “Start where others finish,” 
is the motto of the company. When it comes to utmost precision, the mechanical engineers from Zofingen get started.
“The printing techniques have changed significantly during the past few years. Where a hundredth millimetre used to be the smallest unit, the limit now exceeds a thousandth and is approaching the nanometre range. Precision has thus increased by a multiple in all areas of functional printing. The printing precision, which is in the invisible range, is a daily challenge that fascinates us and exceeds the limit.”

for Research & Development!

The products include equipment for use in research & development in printing technologies.
From the small size "Labra Tester"-series to the Roll-to-Roll (R2R) "Challenger"- series (see picture left), we are able to offer machines for a variety of applications.
A long list of references of the first addresses in the field proofs the significance of the unique expertise of Norbert Schlaefli Maschinen when it comes to research of materials and processes in Printed Electronics.

Newly developed "Testacolor 171"

Two path overprinting with single sheet feeder ...
More information on the homepage of the manufacturer Norbert Schlaefli Maschinen.
From the following link you may download a product overview.

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