Dear Customers,

we are all working in a difficult economic setting these days. Who of us is thinking in the present situation to start activities in country as far as Japan without immediately imagining high cost, cultural barriers and more.
Over the last years I have met many business representatives, who had been confident about market opportunities in Japan, but showed disappointment and frustration in dealing with Japanese corporations stemming from language and cultural barriers and a different concept of time. 

That is the reason, why I developed a simple, effective, hands-on approach for small& medium size enterprises with limited resources - based on KISS , slightly adapted from the original: 

KISS redefined: Keep It Simple, Sell!

You may have wondered already on our introductory page about the meaning of the left picture. It shows Ebisu-sama, the Japanese god of finance and commerce. Beyond, there is no extensive, deep philosophy, but just the wish for the financial part of happiness. Please be invited to have a closer look at our concept!

Contact me to find out, if we can be of service to you!

Markus Thinnes
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